Blender 3 Light LED Kit


Blender 3 Light LED Kit

Todays run & gun video shooter can easily find themselves in a variety of lighting sources during the course of their day. Tungsten incandescent, office fluorescent, daylight, or the dreaded office setting that contains a mix of all three.

Now you can work quickly in any of these settings with full creative flexibility, using the Lowel Blender 3 Light Kit.

  • Each Blender has 2 sets of LED's, in Tungsten & Daylight color, which are quickly & easily blended to your desired color output. Diffusers vary the character of the light.
  • Light to match the color temperature of your location, or contrast it to create a sense of depth & drama. You have creative control, light it the way you see it.
  • Room inside for accessory Camcorder Battery Sled 3 Packs or industry standard battery cables.
  • Total Kit Wattage: 48 Watts

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